Executive Summary

STRAFE Services, Inc is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business incorporated in the State of Florida and has been operational since 2010. STRAFE was formed around the concept of integrating overlapping core capabilities that would otherwise be competitive to one another on an equal playing field in such a way that the customer can best benefit from the integrated solution. STRAFE extends its products and services portfolio through an Alliance member charter which serves as the backbone for the strategic General Teaming Arrangments (GTA’s) and subsequent Specific Teaming Agreements (STA’s) which are generated for dedicated efforts. In addition, STRAFE serves as a full service consultancy firm able to deliver high demand support in a variety of bundles sometime independent and other times by combining ingredients of various Alliance members. Generally speaking, STRAFE integrates and synchronizes Services, Solutions and Strategy

Core Competencies in Services, Solutions and Strategy

STRAFE Core Competencies are derived from the requirements and capabilities of our global clientele. Therefore, STRAFE’s portfolio is ever growing and evolving for the market by the market. This strategy facilitates a unique delivery platform, which boasts flexibility, diversity and adaptability at all levels.

Ryan Roche, CEO

Patriot, Veteran, Entrepreneur, Family Man… Executive Voice. Ryan was born in Hartford, CT but moved to south Florida at a young age. Ryan grew up participating and excelling in Academics and every sport he could get his hands on. Ryan became an active member of the local Boys and Girls Club where at a young age he was recognized with the highest organization honor of “Youth of the Year”.
Ryan began finding his passion in instructing and helping others as he grew towards his post high school ambitions. In 1997 Ryan accepted his nomination to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland where his drive and motivation would help him earn a spot within the Brigade Staff Ranks prior to his graduation and Commissioning into the United States Marine Corps. In the Marine Corps, Ryan continued his relentless drive to achieve success with the highest standards.

Dedication and Service

Ryan was quickly recognized for his leadership skills and appointed to open the leadership and close combat school for young Marines at Pensacola, Florida while awaiting his appointment to Flight School. After graduating first in his class at flight school, Ryan became a UH-­‐1 Huey pilot under his own desires and made his way through fleet training again as first in his class. After reporting to HMLA-­‐269, the Gunrunners, in North Carolina, Ryan began his rapid climb to the top of the USMC Aviation qualifications with his eye on becoming a MAWTS-­‐1 Weapons and Tactics Instructor course graduate. After multiple deployments in support of OIF / OEF and Humanitarian operations, Ryan succeeded in his goal to obtain the highest level certification a Marine Corps Aviator can achieve, and he did so at a very young age. After graduating 1st in his class from MAWTS, Ryan returned to his unit to lead another deployment in support of OEF after which he was selected to return to MAWTS-­‐1 as staff instructor.

Doobie Fly

USMC Subject Matter Expert for:

• Joint Close Air Support Aircraft
• Joint Close Air Support Weapons Targeting Sensors & Airborne ISR Integration
• Command and Control
• Forward Air Controller (Airborne) (FAC(A) / JTAC(A))
• Training and Readiness (T&R)
• Unit Assessment and Evaluation
• Assessment Simulation and Playback
• Evolution Coordination (Battalion Air Assault Operations)
• UH-­‐1Y/ AH-­‐1Z Upgrades
• CNATRA Program Liaison and Future Requirements

Ryan was later the subject of an article in a Marine Corps Publication and regarded as the example for Marine Corps Leadership by his junior enlisted crew members and Marines. Ryan’s Military career was shortened after being Medically Retired from Active Duty in 2010 due to lower spine injuries incurred from combat related actions.

Developing the Future with STRAFE.

After Ryan’s retirement and subsequent surgery at the Andrew’s Institute, he began his transition into the civilian market space creating STRAFE Services, the Strategic Alliance for Excellence. Ryan has since worked directly for Aerospace and Defense organizations, hosted worldwide seminars and symposiums, developed and supported integral Joint Ventures in the Middle East as well as become an active voice in the Military Simulation and Training Industry. Ryan continues to drive his voice toward the idea of a better future and world; although it’s not in Uniform, it’s in every other venue he can find! Ryan aspires to grow STRAFE to provide services by Veterans as its cornerstone. Ryan hopes to one day return to a career of service for this great nation as a Conservative Activist, Political Figure, State / Federal Representative or TV Personality and Host.